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Welcome to Johnson Osteopathy & Medical Acupuncture.

We Get to Know You and ...
Customize All Treatments to Meet Your Health Goals

Each person is unique, no matter their age, and comes to us with a rich history of experiences that shape their medical concerns and health goals.

Our philosophy is that true healing is a shared responsibility. We believe a strong partnership between doctor and patient is the foundation of great medicine.  A strong partnership connection is rarely, if ever, accomplished in the traditional American medical model of a 5- to 15-minute office visit. Because we value each of our patients as individuals, our practice is built around taking time to get to know you with all your unique complexities, challenges and gifts.  Time is essential to build this partnership and develop achievable goals. Based on our communication and understanding of you as an individual we will customize effective integrated treatment.

Our work together begins with a thorough evaluation of the inter-relationships of all your physiologic systems (neurological, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, metabolic and behavioral) the bio-mechanical musculo-skeletal system, personal relationships and past trauma (physical and emotional), past positive experiences and spiritual health. We consider the integration of all of these systems an extremely important but often a neglected aspect of total health.

We listen to you, evaluate your health, and learn about your wellness goals, to develop a specialized treatment plan that includes practical lifestyle choices and integrated treatments to improve your overall well-being. Our treatment plan for you blends the best of Traditional Western Medicine and modern diagnostic testing with Osteopathic Manipulation, Cranial Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture, Supplements, Diet, Lifestyle and Exercise to support you in achieving your health and life goals.

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